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TrueAGI is co-sponsoring the AGI-21 conference, the 14th Artificial General Intelligence conference put on by the AGI society.  The F2F portion of AGI-21 will be held in Palo Alto Oct 14-18; it is also possible to participate in the event online and free of charge, following registration instructions here.TrueAGI is also specifically sponsoring a full-day workshop on the first day of the AGI conference, the workshop on “Scaling up Neural-Symbolic and Integrative AGI Architectures”, which will include several talks by TrueAGI principals describing key ideas underlying OpenCog Hyperon and the TrueAGI framework.TrueAGI CEO Dr. Goertzel’s presentation on the Grace humanoid robot on Oct 15 in the “How, When and Why AGI” general-audience portion of AGI-21 will focus on Grace’s current capabilities, but also cover future plans to port Grace to TrueAGI software in coming years as the latter matures.


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