Artificial General Intelligence as a Service


We are moving into an era of Artificial General Intelligence. Narrow artificial intelligence algorithms can only achieve so much for your business and ROI. Supercharge your AI efforts and move towards an AGI strategy for your business with TrueAGI.

TrueAGI provides an evolutionary approach to deliver centralized and decentralized custom AGI-as-a-Service. This unique technology enables enterprises to deliver assistant/companion, pattern discovery/prediction and other advanced capabilities in a benevolent, trustful, ethical, safe and secure manner. MVP in 2023, full-scale release by 2025.

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“TrueAGI aims to go beyond the limits of today's Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, enabling enterprises across verticals to leverage cutting-edge cross-paradigm AGI technology as it emerges. TrueAGI provides customizable AGI-as-a-Service via subscription and licensing models – you will no longer be limited to the narrow AI of the past.”

Dr. Ben GoertzelCEO

Why TrueAGI?

From AI to AGI

Narrow AI

Narrow AI is specialized and focused on one task, e.g. driving a car or playing chess. Human intelligence is different: it is flexible, and shows a wide range of capabilities. A human can learn a language, drive a car, AND play games.

  • Deep Blue
  • AlphaGo
  • Facebook Face Recognizer
  • Google Self-Driving Car
  • IBM Watson for Jeopardy
  • IBM Watson for Medical

General AI

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) aims to have the broad capabilities of a human, able to generalize dramatically beyond its original programming and training data, and spends significant resources on generalization rather than rigidly applying one model.

The TrueAGI Ecosystem

Hyperon Technical Integration

The TrueAGI application engine is our design solution that incorporates Hyperon cognitive architecture in proprietary real-time application architecture powered by proprietary multimodal knowledge base that is ongoingly built up via data from deployed robots/devices.


The AGI-as-a-Service platform enables enterprises across vertical markets to leverage cutting-edge cross-paradigm AGI technology as it emerges. Below is an architecture of some of the markets supported by features, core competencies and cross-cutting technologies.

We are part of the SingularityNET Ecosystem, with over 300,000 community members around the globe.

We are building the toolset for scalable enterprise-grade AGI solutions. In our R&D partnership with SingularityNET and OpenCog’s community of developers, we are developing the Hyperon AGI platform.

SingularityNET: the world’s leading secure blockchain-based decentralized AI platform at scale

Hyperon (the enterprise evolution of OpenCog) is developing the framework for AGI.

We have a world-class AI and AGI R&D team, ready to solve any enterprise AI problem.

  • This team introduced the concept of ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ 15 years ago
  • 30+ years in practical AI application and AGI R&D
  • Novel AGI architecture
  • Unique, scalable cross-paradigm approach to AI, with a deep theoretical background based on the proven OpenCog platform


Robots in homes by 2024
Estimated market value by 2023 (in USD)


Smart devices by 2030
Estimated market value by 2026 (in USD)


Consoles sold in 2020
Estimated market value by 2027 (in USD)

We focus on accelerating business impact, and maximizing ROI

  • Operate with minimal training data
  • Understand & adapt behavior to context
  • Operate in highly dynamic environments
  • Creatively generate hypotheses and content
  • New tools that help enterprises optimize their operations and extend their capabilities.
  • Providing centralized and decentralized custom AGI-as-a-Service – making enterprise able to finally deliver assistance, discovery and prediction with human-level intelligence & beyond in a benevolent, trustful, ethical, safe and secure manner.


TrueAGI services include traditional cloud-based hosting, decentralized blockchain-driven hosting, and hybrid hosting. We customize our solutions to meet your enterprise requirements, taking advantage of existing enterprise software models by connecting to our AGI service running our customized Hyperon OpenCog software through APIs, and accessing existing data from multiple sources.

Data ingestion

Access to available data and knowledge from your enterprise, open-source, TrueAGI and third-party sources. We also provide automated meta-data creation from datasets.

Virtual Assistant / Companion

Social and emotional service health care robots, tablet and phone virtual assistants/companions, co-op game agents, and more.

Discovery and prediction

Pattern recognition, prediction, and identification. Capturing, generating and sharing knowledge. Solving problems in research fields, forecasting financial and supply chain markets, etc.

Use Cases


Use-case Description

As an investor I want to make timely trades in order to maximize my returns.

Path towards AGI

The Prediction feature supports this need to make sell/buy recommendations to optimize the portfolio. By understanding and learning from its experiences, the feature will be able to improve its recommendations.

Virtual Assistant

Use-case Description

As an elderly person alone at home or in a care provider facility, I want to talk to someone about stories throughout my lifetime to relive the moments.

Path towards AGI

The Virtual Assistant feature supports this need of storytelling by actively interviewing of the person’s life, automated cataloging/labeling of stories, selective playback of stories or certain topics or involving particular people on demand, automatically capturing life stories of the person via regular interaction and conversation with the person (as opposed to being explicitly asked to do so). Over time the assistant will learn and understand the person’s history, storyline, and be able to provide enhanced interaction.


Use-case Description

As a Minecraft player I want to build a city together with someone in the absence of my friends in order to be entertained now.

Path towards AGI

The Companion feature supports this need of Co-op play by providing an intelligent in-game agent that interacts and shares experiences at human level cooperative play by achieving goals set by both players using perception and memory to predict which actions will achieve the goals while adapting to the environment.


Use-case Description

As a medical researcher I want to detect anomalies in my data to identify risks.

Path towards AGI

The Discovery feature supports this need of identifying patterns through automated pattern detection, classification & identification without training on large data sets. The TrueAGI anomaly detection system will be able to learn features and new patterns on its own.

Bringing together diverse stakeholders to create win-win outcomes

We are building using:

Executive Leadership

Dr. Ben Goertzel


Father of Artificial General Intelligence, founder of OpenCog OSS AI framework, pioneer of AI for humanoid robotics, genomics, finance and other areas. Over three decades of AI experience in academia, industry and government. Founder & CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Scientist at Singularity Studio.


Executive positions in Enterprise Strategy, Business Development & Chief Scientist for State-of-the-art Global Technology Solutions, NLP Patent Pending. 30 Years Leading and Engineering Some of the World’s Most Critical Complex Technology Solutions and Shaping Enterprise Strategy & Alliances with Industry, Government and Academia

Technical Leadership

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